19 April 2024
A Blade in the Dark (1983)
96 min.
Directed by Lamberto Bava.
With Andrea Occhipinti, Anny Papaas, Fabiola Toledo, Michele Soavi, Valeria Cavalli, Stanko Molnar, Lara Naszinsky.
Top notch giallo from director Lamberto Bava.

Film composer Bruno (Occhipinti) is working on the score for a new thriller and he needs peace and quiet. So he retreats to a huge secluded country villa. But once there, a mysterious killer begins stalking various young women...and Bruno finds himself trapped in a confusing web of secrets. Can he decipher the whole mess before the madman reaches him?

Originally created for Italian television, this spunky slasher from director Lamberto Bava (who also directed the ultraweird Macabro in 1980) is well made splatter buoyed by some efficient pacing and at least one merciless gore scene (the bathroom murder...owwwcch!).

Handsome lead Occhipinti (who also starred in Lucio Fulci's sleazy 1982 New York Ripper) delivers a decent performance and keeps his head above water as the terror levels heightens.

With echoes in tone similar to Tenebre (1982) from Argento, Blade is an admirable horror effort worth seeking out. Italian: La Casa con la scala nel buio.

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