18 June 2024

Redhaired genre regular Susan Scott was born Nieves Navarro in Almería, Spain on November 10, 1938. With her striking good looks and elegant composure, it should come as no surprise that Scott's first career stop was the world of fashion modeling in Barcelona.

Her first horror film was 1970's giallo The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion. Directed by Luciano Ercoli, Scott features as the feisty Dominique who watches as her friend Dagmar Lassandar is threatened by a menacing blackmailer.

Scott's next genre effort was another giallo: 1971's Death Walks in High Heels. Again directed by Ercoli (now her husband, the two were married in 1971), Scott this time takes full lead as Nicole, a Paris stripper who after the mysterious murder of her father discovers someone's out to get rid of her as well. Could it be her handsome but unpredictable beau Simon Andreu?

Taking a break from working with her husband, Scott made 1972's sex splatter The Slasher (aka So Sweet, So Dead) directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero. A deranged moralist is killing adulterous wives, first photographing the cheating lovelies...then slaughtering them and littering the crime scene with the licentious pics as supportive evidence.

Sergio Martino's beautifully conceived giallo All the Colors of the Dark (1972) was the next stop for Scott, who revels as a sexy Satanist out to seduce poor Edwige Fenech.

Director Maurizio Pradeaux's enjoyable 1972 giallo Death Carries a Cane again found the scream vixen in fine form. Winsome Kitty (Scott) inadvertently witnesses a brutal slashing through a public telescope. Soon, the black clad maniac sets out to make sure no one is able to identify him...including helpless Kitty.

A third Ercoli giallo, the excellent Death Walks at Midnight (1972) again shone the spotlight on Scott. Fashion model Valentina (Scott) takes an experimental scientific drug and under its influence undergoes a terrible hallucination: a psycho viciously killing a young woman with a spiked glove. Could the image be merely a fleeting fancy of the mind...or is a madman out there...waiting to kill?

Roles came for Scott throughout the remainder of the decade before the beauty retired from film in the early 1980s. An often spunky counterpart to the more gentle charms of fellow giallo leading lady Edwige Fenech, Scott's own graceful allure served the genre well.

Day of the Maniac 1972
Death Carries a Cane 1972
Death Walks in High Heels 1971
Death Walks at Midnight 1972
The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion 1970
The Slasher 1972
Voodoo Baby 1980
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