18 June 2024

Raven tressed Euro beauty Edwige Fenech is one lovely dame. She was born Edwige Sfenek in Bone, Constantine, France in 1948.

The stunning actress has graced dozens of features, many of them genre favorites such as 1972's All the Colors of the Dark and 1975's Strip Nude for Your Killer.

Her first horror outing came with Mario Bava's Five Dolls for an August Moon AKA 5 bambole per la luna d'agosto (1970). In maestro Bava's take on Agatha Christie's classic Ten Little Indians, Fenech is one of a group of businesspeople gathered on a remote island...with a mad killer among them. Will the spunky beauty bite it?

Next up for Fenech was the first of her three giallo/thrillers for director Sergio Martino, 1971's Blade of the Ripper. Fenech plays Julie Wardh, a tormented woman who discovers that someone in her personal life is a psychotic murderer...but is it her husband, a lover from her past or her current beau?

One of Edwige's most enjoyable terror outings came sandwiched between her two Martino contributions, namely 1972's The Case of the Bloody Iris. Benefitting from a sassy storyline, Fenech is model Jennifer who discovers that a stalker is slashing his way through her apartment complex...will the madman dice up the bounteous beauty?

The same year saw Fenech in a second Martino vehicle, All the Colors of the Dark. Oft bewildering (but exquisitely crafted), Dark has Fenech as sweet but troubled Jane who finds herself plagued by strange nightmares and then ends up involved with a demon worshipping sect that just won't let her leave...alive.

Horror work followed for Fenech with a third giallo for Martino, 1972's rare Gently Before She Dies, while in 1975 Fenech set sail for terror again with the sleazy but pleasing Strip Nude for Your Killer. Directed by Andrea Bianchi, Strip finds Fenech threatened by a sadistic killer stalking the modeling agency where she works.

It goes without saying that Fenech's stunning good looks contribute much to her always watchable horror outings - but it's also the model/actress's game performances and playful attitude that keep audiences hooked. No, really.

All the Colors of the Dark 1972
Blade of the Ripper 1971
The Case of the Bloody Iris 1972
Five Dolls for an August Moon 1970
Gently Before She Dies 1972
Phantom of Death 1988
Strip Nude for Your Killer 1975
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