15 July 2024
Zombie Lake (1980)
95 min.
Directed by Jean Rollin.
With Howard Vernon, Robert Foster, Nadine Pascal, Pierre Escourrou, Gilda Arancio.
This blase and shapeless zombie entry from director Jean Rollin has little to redeem it.

In a rural French town, young women begin to disappear mysteriously.

The natives point to the nearby "Lake of Ghosts" as the culprit. But what dastardly force could be behind the crimes?

Why, Nazi zombies of course. Seems during World War II, the local villagers revolted against the besieging Krauts and tossed the dead Nazi bodies in their small nearby pond.

Now the (soggy) Reich is rising once more to cause trouble!

Poor makeup, a lame story from Jess Franco, and a generally unfocused energy (not to mention a basic lack of any memorable sequences) make Zombie Lake simply a very poor cousin to the much better Shock Waves (1977).

Unless you're a living dead completist, skip across this Lake and see Rollin's 1978 Grapes of Death instead.

You'll be thankful you did.

French: Le lac des morts vivants.

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