21 July 2024
The Witchmaker (1969)
98 min.
Directed by William O. Brown.
With Alvy Moore, John Lodge, Thordis Brandt, Anthony Eisley, Shelby Grant, Robyn Millan, Warrene Ott, Tony Benson.
A surprisingly solid witch horror.

Professor Hayes (Moore) and a group of paranormal researchers journey deep into the swamps of Louisiana to investigate the possibility of local supernatural activity.

They soon match wits with evil Luther the Berserk (the charismatic Lodge) who heads up a nearby witch coven specializing in human blood rituals.

But when Luther eyes one of Hayes' lovelies for the final 13th member to his eternal cult, it's throat slittin' time!

Will Hayes and his entourage make it out of the bayou with their lives? Enjoyable fare is well made and benefits from a structurally sound storyline and good pacing; the turnabout ending is a nice touch.

Best scene: the coven party/dance/punishment sequence.

Also known either as Legend of Witch Hollow or Witchkill.

Worth seeking out.

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