18 June 2024
Who Killed Mary What's'er Name? (1971)
90 min.
Directed by Ernest Pintoff.
With Red Buttons, Sylvia Miles, Conrad Bain, Sam Waterston, David Doyle, Dick Anthony Williams, Alice Playten.
An offbeat, but not entirely unrewarding '70s mystery thriller.

After a prostitute named Mary is found dead in her apartment and no one seemingly cares, Mickey (Buttons) decides to investigate the case himself.

With the aid of some of the neighborhood regulars (including Miles as sympathetic hooker Christina and Waterston as a cameraman of the streets), Mickey creates a roster of plausible suspects.

But will he survive long enough to discover the killer?

An odd bird throughout, but somewhat satisfying due both to a strong delivery by Buttons as well the unique characterizations by the rest of the cast.

Also known as Death of a Hooker.

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