18 June 2024
Westworld (1973)
88 min.
Directed by Michael Crichton.
With Richard Benjamin, James Brolin, Yul Brynner, Norman Bartold, Alan Oppenheimer, Victoria Shaw, Linda Gaye Scott, Dick Van Patten, Majel Barrett, Steve Franken.
Enjoyable sci fi terror is a first rate thriller.

In the resort of Delos - an amusement park for adults - people get to choose between three theme areas: Roman World, Medieval World and West World.

For $1,000 a day, one can live out a fantasy of medieval sword play, corral shoot outs, or even have sex with the lifelike robots that inhabit these worlds.

But when things begin to malfunction, all hell breaks loose!

Similar to Crichton's own Jurassic Park, this is carried almost singlehandedly by Yul Brynner, who is frighteningly effective as the droid that just won't die.

The best part is you must use your imagination - you're told that the actors aren't human and you believe it.

No splashy CGI effects necessary.

A knockout.

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