15 July 2024
The Virgin of Nuremberg (1963)
84 min.
Directed by Antonio Margheriti.
With Rossana Podesta, Georges Rivière, Christopher Lee, Luigi Severini, Jim Nolan, Anny Degli Uberti, Luciana Milone.
One of the stronger examples of classic Italian gothic horror.

Mary (Podesta) arrives at her husband's ancestral German castle only to discover there's some deadly mischief afoot.

Seems a centuries old legend tells of a moralistic executioner called 'The Punisher' who tortures, disfigures and kills all those tainted by sin or depravity.

Indeed, he digs causin' the pain big time!

Could such a myth be real - and could it explain Mary's heightened fear of her new home?

Beautifully shot (just check out Mary's frantic night run through the estate gardens...very Bava), with a tight pace and a good lounge score by Riz Ortolani.

The flashback revelation of The Punisher's identity is nicely done as well, imaginative and grisly. Lee is on hand as the disfigured servant Erik.

Best overall scene: one of The Punisher's female victims gets an instant nose job via a hungry rat. She is not pleased with the result.

Also known as Horror Castle.

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