27 May 2024
The Unseen (1981)
89 min.
Directed by Danny Steinmann.
With Barbara Bach, Karen Lamm, Lelia Goldoni, Stephen Furst, Douglas Barr, Sydney Lassick, Lois Young, Maida Severn.
A well crafted thriller.

Television reporter Bach and her two co-worker friends travel to a small California Dutch town to report on an annual local festival.

When they discover their hotel reservations have been screwed up, they find lodgings out of town with an odd couple in a quaint old house.

Trouble is, there's something alive in the basement...something hideous...deformed and deranged...and it wants to play with the girls!

For two-thirds of the film, this functions more as an old-fashioned and slower-paced horror flick - we loved that - but then switches into hyperdrive in the last twenty minutes.

Good acting (Bach is great, and Sydney Lassick is always entertaining) and careful restraint in showing the 'unseen' thing in the basement (until the climax) pay off, making this well worth a watch.

Too harshly criticized...and why? There's much worse out there.

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