21 July 2024
Unhinged (1982)
80 min.
Directed by Don Gronquist.
With Sara Ansley, Laurel Munson, J.E. Penner, Virginia Settle, John Morrison, Barbara Lusch, Bill Simmonds, Francine Moler, Dave Hood.
Uneventful horror.

A fierce rainstorm causes three young women (en route to a music festival) to crash their car.

They wake up at the estate of a mild-mannered woman named Marion (Penner) and her domineering old mother Mrs. Penrose (Settle).

Seems the eccentric women have taken the three girls in for the night.

But all is not as it seems...mother Penrose seems obsessed with sin and morality...the daughter is a veritable pent up vessel of repression...and worse still, there may be an anonymous psycho in the house with them all!

We've made Unhinged sound a helluva lot better than it is.

How so? Well, we didn't mention the poor acting, the interminable pacing (where nothing happens), or the canned bloodletting.

Contrived and staid, the whole thing is only marginally redeemed by a feisty killing-with-a-scythe, and an outrageous ending.

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