21 June 2024
Trapped (1973)
70 min.
Directed by Frank De Felitta.
With James Brolin, Susan Clark, Earl Holliman, Robert Hooks, Ivy Jones.
This extra lean TV terror is energetic fun.

In the restroom at the expansive Noonan's department store, innocent Chuck Brenner (Brolin) is assaulted by muggers and left unconscious in one of the stalls.

When he regains consciousness, poor Chuck finds himself alone in the locked & darkened store late at night...his only company a ravenous pack of ultravicious Doberman security attack dogs intent on ripping him apart.

Trapped. And seriously injured. Chuck must fight for his life against the ruthless guard animals, all the while searching for a way to the outside world.

Tension filled TV horror is a most definite delight, due to a thankless but solid performance from tortured lead Brolin and some well mounted suspense (check out the nail biting scene where ravaged Chuck uses a fishing rod to hook a nearby bow & arrow just out of reach).

Courtesy of director De Felitta, who would go on to helm the superior Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981).

Direct, taut and fat free, this rare TV effort is worth seeking out.

Also known as Doberman Patrol.

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