15 July 2024
Tourist Trap (1979)
85 min.
Directed by David Schmoeller.
With Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Tanya Roberts, Robin Sherwood, Keith McDermott, Dawn Jeffory.
Do you find talking mannequins super scary? Do you daydream about seeing Chuck Connors in a Doris Day wig? Do you find yourself lusting after third-string Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts?

Then you'll go gaga over this offbeat but thoroughly rewarding horror from director David Schmoeller (the man who would give the world PuppetMaster in 1989).

After their wheels go kaput, a group of likable young vacationers find themselves stranded at an out of the way 'tourist trap' managed by lonely bachelor Connors.

But soon the posse begins to disappear one by one...could the proprietor really be as harmless as he seems? Or is he murdering the gang in methodical fashion?

Tourist Trap is a truly original terror - a tour de force of imaginative ideas and creative executions (pardon the pun).

With echoes of PSYCHO and Carrie, this beautiful oddity is punctuated by a lush Pino Donaggio score and adept performances all around (Jones and Connors, especially are standouts).

A must see.

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