15 July 2024
Terror Out of the Sky (1978)
90 min.
Directed by Lee H. Katzin.
With Dan Haggerty, Tovah Feldshuh, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Lonny Chapman, Richard Herd, Ike Eisenmann, Joe E. Tata, Ellen Blake, Charles Hallahan, Bruce French, Steve Franken.
Acceptable - if unremarkable - sequel to 1976's superior The Savage Bees.

Somehow, a strain of aggressive South American bees have overtaken a docile hive at the National Bee Center...and now the winged killers are en route to various farming communities around the country!

Intent on stopping the deadly swarms, scientist Jeannie (Feldshuh) teams with boyfriend Haggerty and professor Zimbalist to freeze the bees before mass hysteria ensues.

A conventional plotline is given okay life in this TV terror outing, occasionally hindered by ho hum performances from Feldshuh (lacking the spunkiness of Corbett from Savage) and Zimbalist.

This never gains the momentum or sense of urgency it should, most notably in the should've-been-better 'boy scouts trapped in a school bus overtaken by bees' sequence.

Overall, watchable, but lacks sting.

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