18 June 2024
Terror at the Opera (1986)
87 min.
Directed by Ken Meyer.
With Stacy Logan, Dale Buckmaster, Mike Wiles, Dean Lewis, Michele Merchant, Kevin Meyer, Michael Shamus Wiles.
Hands down, Argento's best latter day film.

A production of Verdi's opera Macbeth is plagued by a series of bizarre murders.

The star of the show (Christina Marsillach) is forced to watch some of them when the killer tapes pins under her eyes to keep them open. Great camera work, including a horrifying scene in which the wonderful Daria Nicolodi is looking through a peephole and gets shot in the eye. (We follow the bullet all the way.) Suffers only from poor dubbing (look for the original Italian language version!), and the absence of music from rockers Goblin. Also known simply as Opera.

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