21 July 2024
Terror at Red Wolf Inn (1972)
79 min.
Directed by Bud Townsend.
With Linda Gillin, John Neilson, Arthur Space, Mary Jackson, Margaret Avery, Janet Wood.
Aided by their grandson, a kindly older couple (Jackson and Space) trick young women into visiting their comfortable - & secluded - beachside home for a little recreation, relaxation...and lots of good food.

Likable protagonist Gillin finds herself the next welcome visitor...and next on the crazed cannibal family's menu!

With elements from both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Motel Hell, this polite cousin mixes it up with a calm charm buoyed by confident performances from Jackson as Grandma and Gillin as the well-meaning (if naive) heroine.

Boasts a clever and delightful ending.

Also known as Club Dead and Terror on the Menu.

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