15 July 2024
Terror (1978)
86 min.
Directed by Norman Warren.
With John Nolan, Carolyn Courage, James Aubrey, Sarah Keller, Tricia Walsh, Glynis Barber.
Quite satisfying supernatural slasher with very few misses.

British film director James Garrick (Nolan) has a story to tell: 300 years ago his family tried unsuccessfully to burn a witch named Mad Dolly, who then placed a curse on his blood line.

This makes great fiction, Garrick thinks.

But fact is stranger than fiction, as one by one his friends and family are offed in grisly fashions.

Has the witch returned from beyond the grave to exact her centuries-old claim of retribution?

A superb potboiler, this has lovingly-executed death sequences, including an extended and nasty knife gouging, a hot stage light to the face and a falling sheet of glass landing on one poor sod's neck.

Excellent performances from all involved and a genuine sense of heartfelt style throughout make this diamond in the rough a great watch.

The memorable climax has a lavish impaling sequence (via the POV of the weapon) that's both well-done and nicely abrupt.

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