13 April 2024
Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971)
72 min.
Directed by Sutton Roley.
With Stefanie Powers, Alex Dreier, Pat Hingle, Louise Latham, Steve Ihnat, Brenda Scott, Chris Robinson, Richard Bull.
After the mysterious death of her husband Paul, a distraught Rachel Stanton (Powers) investigates possible ties to psychic foulplay.

But when her shifty Aunt Lillian (Latham) comes to console her, Rachel soon discovers some sort of powerful telepathic treachery is afoot...an uncontrollable force that could mean her own demise.

Does Rachel unknowingly possess a dangerous ability to kill? Or is there someone out there intent on driving her mad?

Psychic researcher Dr. Lucas Darrow (Dreier) hopes to save Rachel - even if it's from herself.

This classy TV horror is well acted (especially from Powers in a controlled performance) and features some nice touches like the creepy phone calls to Rachel ('eye, knife, raven, doll, coffin') and the talking bust of her hubby ('You killed me, Rachel').

The ending is a tad overcomplicated but surprisingly enough resolves all the questions.

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