18 June 2024
97 min.
Directed by Jess Franco.
With Janine Reynaud, Jack Taylor, Howard Vernon, Michel Lemoine, Nathalie Nort, Pier A. Caminnecci, Adrian Hoven, Rosanna Yanni, Chris Howland, Amerigo Coimbra.
This German horror is a strange, dreamlike story involving S&M cabaret-style performer Lorna Green (Renaud) who begins to lose her grip on reality.

Supposedly, she's become possessed by a demon and forced to become a 'succubus:' one who kills her lovers.

And kill she does.

A bewildering, surreal atmosphere pervades this nonlinear psychedelia story.

Directed with ease by Franco, and depending heavily on the lovely charms of beautiful Reynaud, Succubus manages to pull itself together and actually become an interesting film.

Certainly will appeal to marginal tastes only. But if you've got a flair for adventure, go along for this chic, colorful, confusing ride...and enjoy it, dammit!

German: Necronomicon - Geträumte Sünden.

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