18 June 2024
Stranger in Our House (1978)
96 min.
Directed by Wes Craven.
With Linda Blair, Lee Purcell, Carol Lawrence, Jeremy Slate, Macdonald Carey, Jeff East, Fran Drescher.
This TV horror movie is lotsa fun!

Rachel Bryant (Blair) is a good natured, fun loving teenager. And she's more than willing to accept the arrival of her cousin Julia (Purcell), who comes to live with Rachel and her family after her parents are killed in an automobile accident.

But soon strange things begin happening - completely unexplainable phenomena - and poor Rachel suspects Julia is involved in the dark side of witchcraft. And the consequences could be deadly.

The first professional effort by director Craven, this pleasurable small screen romp benefits from a game performance by Blair (sporting a 'do the size of Texas) and a convincing atmosphere of fear and mistrust.

Look for TV's Nanny Fran Drescher as Blair's best girlfriend.

Also known as Summer of Fear.

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