18 June 2024
Strange Invaders (1983)
94 min.
Directed by Michael Laughlin.
With Paul LeMat, Nancy Allen, Louise Fletcher, Kenneth Tobey, Fiona Lewis, Diana Scarwid, Michael Lerner, June Lockhart.
Enjoyable homage to 50's B-movies has entomology professor Charles Bigelow (Paul LeMat) searching for his missing ex-wife (Scarwid)...and uncovering a Midwestern town full of aliens.

Turns out the interstellar trespassers have been there since the late 1950s - and they're not about to leave!

Loses itself midway, but Strange Invaders has some terrific make-up effects, a John Addison score, and a cast peppered with genre regulars to keep it afloat.

In one of her best post-De Palma roles, Nancy Allen is delightful as a journalist who ends up joining forces with LeMat to stop the alien invasion. And Louise Fletcher is great as a government agent who knows more than she's telling.

Plus, where else could you find Fiona Lewis as a green-blood-spurting alien disguised as a diner waitress?

No classic, but worth a look.

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