20 April 2024
The Stepford Children (1987)
95 min.
Directed by Alan J. Levi.
With Barbara Eden, Don Murray, Tammy Lauren, Randall Batinkoff, Pat Corley, Ken Swofford, Richard Anderson, Sharon Spelman, James Staley, Debbie Barker.
Second sequel to 1975's original The Stepford Wives.

After an 18 year absence, the Harding family decides to leave the big city and relocate back to the sleepy town of Stepford.

But the two Harding teenagers David and Mary (Batinkoff, Lauren) find it rough going trying to fit in with the conservative, well behaved youth of Stepford.

When his similarly fraught girlfriend Lois (Barker) fears for her adolescent life, David begins to discover there's a sinister plot afoot in Stepford courtesy of the local Men's Association...

This okay TV effort is actually pretty solid, with a few jumps (Lois waking up in the hospital as a robot) and good acting from Barbara Eden and the (often unsympathetic 'real,' rowdy) kids.

Falters with the cop out safe ending so prevalent beginning in the late '80s onward, an 'everybody's ok' choice that's neither realistic nor scary.

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