18 June 2024
Sole Survivor (1983)
85 min.
Directed by Thom Eberhardt.
With Anita Skinner, Kurt Johnson, Robin Davidson, Caren Larkey, Andrew Boyer, Daniel Cartmell, Wendy Dake.
This lukewarm horror never seems to get off the ground.

After finding herself the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash, Denise Watson (Skinner) tries valiantly to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

But could her ever-increasing feelings of guilt be part of a normal survivor complex? Or could there be something more diabolical at play here?

Slowly, Denise begins to discover that the dead feel cheated and want to claim her once and for all as a member of their ranks.

A clever and interesting premise finds unfortunately only half-life here, the concept just never seems to gel.

An admirable performance by Skinner and a well done finale are among the worthy points.

Director Eberhardt would go on to direct the next year's comedy-horror Night of the Comet.

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