21 May 2024
Slugs (1987)
90 min.
Directed by Juan Piquer Simón.
With Michael Garfield, Santiago Alvarez, Alicia Moro, Philip MacHale, Kim Terry, Emilio Linder, Concha Cuetos, John Battaglia.
From the director of 1981's slasher Pieces comes this likable Spanish-American production, a fun throwback to '50s monster terror.

In the small town of Ashton, a mass of discarded toxic waste has proven to be a breeding ground for slugs, turning the normally docile mollusks into enormous, aggressive, carnivorous killers!

As the creatures begin to pick off the town's helpless residents, can local health department official Mike Brady (Garfield) figure out a way to stop the slimy buggers before more people die gruesome deaths. (We hope not!)

Surprisingly well done overall - it's no classic - but it's nicely executed with some frisky gore punctuating the action.

Highlights include an exploding head bursting with slugs and a man performing self-amputation. Yum yum.

Also known as Slugs, muerte viscosa (cool title!).

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