30 May 2024
Sleepaway Camp (1983)
88 min.
Directed by Robert Hiltzik.
With Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Mike Kellin, Christopher Collet, Karen Fields, Katherine Kamhi, Paul De Angelo, Desiree Gould, Susan Glazer.
"You won't be coming home!"

A superbizarre slasher with just the right dash of ditzy sex confunktion.

After a terrible boating accident as a child, shy and unassuming little Angela (Rose) attends summer Camp Arawak along with her cousin Ricky.

But soon, the young kids of Arawak are dropping like flies as an unseen stalker offs the poor tykes in gruesome fashion.

What deranged vendetta could possibly guide the wily killer? And who could it be?

Entertaining throughout, with some nice murder scenes (Kenny's waterlogged end, and Billy's stinging demise are both clever setups) and an amusing group of would-be actor/campers.

Fields' delirious turn as the megabitchy Judy deserves special mention, while Rose delivers an often touching portrayal as the fragile Angela.

And then there's that unforgettable shock platter climax.

Breaking up is indeed hard to do...

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