13 April 2024
Slaughterhouse (1987)
85 min.
Directed by Rick Roessler.
With Sherry Bendorf, William Houck, Joe Barton, Jane Higginson, Don Barrett, Eric Schwartz.
This Texas Chainsaw Massacre wannabe is undone by hamfisted comedy and cartoonish performances.

Instead, it ends up channelling Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

Hillbilly father Les Bacon (Barrett) and his demented pig-like son Buddy (Barton) have their livelihood threatened when a competitor makes a bid to buy their rundown slaughterhouse.

What can two dim-witted savages do?

They set out to avenge themselves by stalking the forces who have shut down their business and threatened to take their house away....killing them in gruesome fashion, one by one.

And to sweeten the pot, a couple of ill-fated teens who've decided to shoot a video at the slaughterhouse are additional, unfortunate casualties of the carnage.

Not completely bad, but Slaughterhouse loses some of its effectiveness by showing us the killers too much.

Barton's buffoonish hijinx - snorting like a pig and playing the part of the brute retard - grows wearisome too quickly.

Also known as Bacon Bits.

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