15 July 2024
Slaughter High (1986)
90 min.
Directed by George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, and Peter Litten.
With Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore, Carmine Iannoccone, Donna Yeager, Gary Martin, Kelly Baker.
This tired 1986 slasher elicits a minimal amount of interest.

High school nerd Marty Rantzen (Simon Scuddamore) gets picked on constantly by his heartless and insensitive classmates.

But after a practical joke goes awry, Marty becomes disfigured.

Any splatter fan could guess the rest. (Oh? you say you can't?)

Wellll, Marty returns to stage a faux 10 year high school reunion, where he stalks and kills - in gruesome fashion - eight of the most arrogant and bitchy of those who pissed him off.

Indifferently acted and lazily paced, Slaughter High does admittedly have a certain inept charm that grows on you as it bumbles along.

And while there are some gory Friday the 13th-styled death sequences along the way, still, you can't help feeling a general air of fatigue about the effort (not to mention the whole rabid stalk n' slash subgenre as well).

It's exactly that staleness which keeps Slaughter High from ever reaching any kind of notable heights.

Genre fans will undoubtedly enjoy this one more than your average viewer.

Trivia: the title was changed from April Fool's Day to avoid confusion with that other (far superior) horror from the same release year.

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