27 May 2024
Sisters of Death (1973)
88 min.
Directed by Joseph Mazzuca.
With Claudia Jennings, Arthur Franz, Paul Carr, Cheri Howell, Sherry Boucher, Sherry Alberoni.
This bargain basement horror is for drive-in initiates only.

A sorority ritual goes terribly wrong when one of the pledges gets a fatal gun shot to the head.

Fast forward seven years - and the five young women involved in the 'accident' all receive a mysterious invitation for a reunion at a desert ranch.

Naturally, they all decide to attend, but once there they find themselves trapped on the estate by an electrical fence which surrounds the property.

Seems their host is the deranged father of the dead girl they killed seven years prior...and he wants just revenge.

The promising vendetta premise unfortunately takes a back seat to subpar acting, lazy pacing and ramshackle plotting.

The fact that the girls spend a great deal of their screen time outside in the ranch's front yard trying to figure out how to disable the electrified fence - well, it does little to generate much honest suspense.

Lead girl Jennings is attractive enough, and the ending is a pleasant surprise, but really this headscratcher is for hardcore low budget explorers only.

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