18 June 2024
Silent Madness (1984)
92 min.
Directed by Simon Nuchtern.
With Belinda J. Montgomery, Viveca Lindfors, Sydney Lassick, Solly Marx, David Greenan, Elizabeth Kaitan, Roderick Cook, Stanja Lowe, Ed Van Nuys, Rick Aiello.
Okay horror.

After seventeen years in a mental asylum, nutcase Howard Johns (Marx) is accidentally released - because of an administrative error!

The maniac makes a beeline to the sorority house where he allegedly killed some students over two decades before in an infamous massacre known as the "Sorority House Slaughter."

Guess who starts slashing up coeds again?

Psychiatrist Joan Gilmore (Montgomery) hopes to stop the madman before the bodycount gets out of hand.

Chalk another one up for formula plotting. And limp performances. And subpar horrormaking.

Originally released in 3D, this is definitely not the best of its kind, primarily due to the brazen overacting which threatens to overwhelm any sense of suspense this minor slasher attempts to build.

But it does prove to be a trashy time-passer buoyed by a few gore highlights.

Veteran actress Viveca Lindfors is onhand here as the sorority's housemother.

Known also as either Beautiful Screamers or The Nightkillers (perhaps its most evocative title).

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