30 May 2024
The Shrieking (1973)
92 min.
Directed by Leo Garen.
With Scott Glenn, Keith Carradine, Hilary Thompson, Gary Busey, Robert Walker, Jr., Cristina Raines, Doria Cook, Dan Haggerty, Tom Jones, Mike Combs.
A very '70s horror yarn of the supernatural.

Set in post World War I Nebraska, a group of six bikers en route to California come upon sisters Oriole (Raines) and Acacia (Thompson) living on the wild plains outside the small town of Bingo.

But then one of the bikers attempts to rape Acacia.

He shouldn't have.

For Oriole is an expert in the mystic art of black magic. She puts a hex on the group, and thus begins a process of savage elimination...one by one.

Mostly humdrum, the muddled and incomprehensible plot is additionally hampered by clumsy attempts at lightheartedness. But the cast of solid '70s performers bring a strange watchability to this wayward tale.

Also known as Hex.

Sleepy and weird.

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