21 July 2024
Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)
85 min.
Directed by Michael Findlay.
With Michael Harris, Morton Jacobs, Jennifer Stock, Alan Brock, Tawn Ellis, Darcy Brown, Jack Neubeck, Tom Grail.
Yeti yadda yoda.

Four students decide to join their college professor in his quest for a bigfoot creature that reportedly stalks the backwoods of an isolated country home.

Before long, said sasquatch begins picking off the well meaning younguns one by one...

Or could the reality of the situation be less fanciful and much more horrifying?

Poor acting hampers this wet noodle. The damp grey atmosphere and no-frills effects do little to buoy the occasional action.

Worth watching purely to see the bizarre carving knife/toaster/bathtub electrocution sequence. But even that thrill-outta-left-field proves too hollow.

The wacky (and overly ambitious) cannibal revelation/ending shoots for the stars...and hits the crapper.

While it's true that some low budget drive in horrors are capable of generating some uniquely creepy vibes, unfortunately Shriek is an ineffectual cough that never rises to the occasion.

Also known as Scream of the Snowbeast.

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