21 May 2024
She Cried Murder (1973)
74 min.
Directed by Herschel Daugherty.
With Telly Savalas, Lynda Day George, Mike Farrell, Kate Reid, Jeff Toner, Stuart Gillard, Robert Goodier, Aileen Seaton.
Exciting Made-for-TV thriller has a great premise.

Sara Cornell (a beautiful model played by the lovely Day George) is riding in the front car of a subway train and witnesses a man shoving a woman to her death on the electric tracks below.

She contacts the cops.

But to her shock, Sara recognizes one of the members of the police force investigating the crime...it's the killer!

The discovery soon puts the lives of Sara and her young son in danger - as the wayward officer tries to ensure that the murder - and his sordid relationship to the deceased - is kept secret...forever.

Savalas is appropriately menacing as Inspector Brody, while Day George proves her mettle as the young woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The opening setup certainly recalls gialli of the time, while likewise She Cried Murder ends with an extended and tense chase scene in the subway.

If you can find a viewing of this rare exercise in suspense, it's worth a look.

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