20 April 2024
Screams of a Winter Night (1979)
91 min.
Directed by James L. Wilson.
With Matt Borel, Gil Glasgow, Patrick Byers, Mary Agen Cox, Ray Gaspard, Robin Bradley, Beverly Allen, Jan Norton, Charles Rucker.
Plucky little low key horror.

Five young couples descend upon spooky old Lake Durand for some rest and recreation.

To pass the time on a windy winter night, the bunch spins a trio of gruesome yarns:

A bigfoot creature stalks the isolated woods...

A haunted hotel gives frat boys a run for their money...

And a psychotic young woman lets loose her pent up fury...

But when the chilling stories are all done, will the group find a horror all their own awaits them...is this terror all too real?

Screams actually musters a certain rough-edged believability, thanks to the average looking amateurs who dot the cast.

The green light zombie in the sophomore 'tale' manages a truly frightful moment, while the climax sequence is proof positive of the power that imagination can exert over the confines of a low budget.

Also known as Howlings of a Winter's Night.

Worth seeking out.

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