21 June 2024
Screamer (1974)
71 min.
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan.
With Pamela Franklin, Donal McCann, Frances White, Jim Norton, Peter Howell, Stephen Bateman, Derek Smith.
Pamela Franklin goes nuts in this adept revenge horror from the Thriller television series.

Nicola (Franklin) is an American who embarks on a harmless visit to the English countryside...but is savagely attacked and raped by a demented perv!

After more than a half year's recovery time, fragile Nicola tries to rebuild her life.

But she soon discovers her attacker still walks the streets.

So she turns the tables and stalks her stalker, running over his bloody body in her auto.

With her burden now behind her, poor Nicola can now begin to heal...or can she?

Seems her troubles have really only just begun.

Another Brian Clemens scripted suspenser, Screamer really benefits most from Nicola's controlled spiral into mental chaos (a most effective, nuanced performance from terror regular Franklin).

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