24 February 2024
Scream Blacula Scream (1973)
96 min.
Directed by Bob Kelljan.
With William Marshall, Pam Grier, Don Mitchell, Richard Lawson, Michael Conrad, Lynne Moody, Barbara Rhoades, Janee Michelle.
Thanks to commanding performances from Marshall and blaxploitation queen Grier, this sequel to the original Blacula (1972) is solid fun.

After he's kicked out of a black magic cult, an angry voodoo practitioner (Lawson) wants some revenge. And so he attempts to resurrect the desiccated corpse of the now-infamous vampire Blacula.

He succeeds.

However, the newly revived Blacula (Marshall) won't be servant to anyone's whims but his own.

Before long, the Undead Black Prince is not only cruising the streets of L.A. lookin' for some fresh blood, he's also well on his way to starting up his own vampire coven!

It's up to the lovely Lisa (Grier), a master of the black arts, to put Blacula back in his place....once and for all.

Scream Blacula Scream is surprisingly well made, benefitting from some assured direction by Kelljan, and generally tight pacing.

There's a slickness here that complements the grittiness of the original, and importantly, the key players seem like they're having a grand ole time.

Definitely worth a watch, even if you're not familiar with its predecessor.

Also known as Blacula Lives Again!

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