21 June 2024
Scream (1981)
86 min.
Directed by Bryon Quisenberry.
With Pepper Martin, Hank Worden, John Ethan Wayne, Julie Marine, Alvy Moore, Gregg Palmer, Woody Strode, Bobby Diamond.
This underperforming slasher is a tease: full of promises but in the end delivering very little.

A group of people go rafting in Texas and uncover a deadly ghost town.

Soon they discover someone else is out there in the dark of night. Someone with a craving for slaughter. And whoever it is - whatever it might be - has stolen their rafts. So there's no escape!

And after that? Nothing really happens, actually.

Some supposed killings dot the landscape, but the slow pacing here makes the viewer apathetic and ultimately...bored.

Obviously low budget, but there's so precious little action (except for some shots of a bloody axe being raised in the air), that you'll undoubtedly find yourself wondering how many minutes left til the end.

Veteran actor Woody Strode tries briefly to salvage the turgid production but can only manage a muffled, half hearted...Scream.

Stuntman turned director Quisenberry's only feature to date. Feel bad?

Also known as The Outing.

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