30 May 2024
Schoolgirl Killer (1968)
82 min.
Directed by Antonio Margheriti.
With Michael Rennie, Mark Damon, Eleanor Brown, Vivian Stapleton, Ludmilla Lvova, Alan Collins, Lorenza Guerrieri.
Generally routine but likable giallo with a nice twist ending.

A black gloved killer drowns a woman in her bathtub and then transports the body via a large trunk to St. Hilda's School for Girls.

Once there, the anonymous madman roams the hallways and gardens of the campus...stalking the schoolgirls and killing them.

Could the killer be playboy horse trainer Richard (Damon)? Or weird gardener La Floret?

How about icy headmistress Tranfield?

And what about the madman's motivation? Could someone be after young student Lucille (Brown) and her coming inheritance?

Police inspector Rennie is brought in to investigate.

Spunky performances (most notably from Guerrieri as Jill) and an above average script from Mario Bava buoy this thriller directed by Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse), while the capper is fairly surprising.

Also known as The Young, the Evil and the Savage.

Italian: Nude... si muore.

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