21 July 2024
Schizo (1976)
109 min.
Directed by Pete Walker.
With Lynne Frederick, John Leyton, Stephanie Beacham, John Fraser, Jack Watson, Queenie Watts, Trisha Mortimer, Paul Alexander.
Good horror sleaze from director Pete Walker.

After her wedding announcement is published in the local newspapers, ice skater Samantha (Frederick) finds she's being stalked by a psycho killer.

Could it be her stepfather (Watson) who killed her mother 15 years before? Or are the deaths that have begun to occur around her the crimes of someone else entirely?

Samantha better put all the pieces together quickly, because the madman is getting closer and closer by the hour!

This fun slasher mystery from director Walker (Frightmare) includes a few nice death sequences including a clubbing by hammer, as well as a knitting needle through the eye (ouch!).

There's also some solid acting by the principals, which is in turn capped by a terrifically overwrought climax-revelation.

None of it proves to be genre-bending, but it's worthwhile enjoyment and boasts Walker's trademark signature of grime and gore.

Also known as Amok.

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