15 July 2024
Savage Weekend (1979)
86 min.
Directed by David Paulsen.
With Christopher Allport, Marilyn Hamlin, James Doerr, Kathleen Heaney, David Gale, William Sanderson, Devin Goldenberg, Jeff Pomerantz.
Passable basement slasher.

A group of urbanites venture into the country for some rest and relaxation. But instead they find some vaguely hostile locals, a few harmless romps in the hay...and a mad killer wearing a garish rubber mask!

Rather by the book rural horror is somewhat hampered by the occasional flat performance, but does manage some decently odd touches.

Case in point: check out that way weird striptease/makeup/gay seduction/hatpin murder sequence).

The low key action lacks any real chutzpah until the last half hour when our psycho begins to get his freak on. With a good surprise ending that's made possible thanks to some clever & nimble editing from the opener.

Also known as The Upstate Murders.

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