21 June 2024
The Savage Bees (1976)
87 min.
Directed by Bruce Geller.
With Ben Johnson, Michael Parks, Paul Hecht, Gretchen Corbett, Horst Buchholz, Bruce French, James Best, David Gray.
Powerhouse little TV movie.

A swarm of aggressive African bees are accidently imported to North America from Brazil.

Now, the killing buggers are en route to New Orleans during festive Mardi Gras. Can a local sheriff (Johnson) and an insect expert (Corbett) find some way to stop the winged plague before all hell breaks loose?

Surprisingly potent in spots, most notably the death of a small girl at the stings of the merciless bees.

Good performances from the eager cast, particularly lead Corbett who possesses a straightforward charm and here conveys a nice sense of tension.

Rounded out by a tense and captivating climax (with Corbett trapped inside a Volkswagen beetle swarming with bees...all inside the Superdome!).

Followed by 1978's sequel Terror Out of the Sky.

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