15 July 2024
Satan's Triangle (1975)
75 min.
Directed by Sutton Roley.
With Kim Novak, Doug McClure, Alejandro Rey, Jim Davis, Ed Lauter, Michael Conrad.
Moodily serious TV horror is an eerie midnight watch.

Acting on a distress signal, the U.S. Coast Guard discovers a schooner adrift on the open sea in the Bermuda Triangle...the entire crew and passengers all found dead (or inexplicably missing).

Only one survivor remains hiding below deck: lovely prostitute Eva (Novak).

Could she somehow be responsible for the murderous mayhem above? Could the carnage somehow be linked to the notorious geographical Triangle?

A salty & dank atmosphere highlights this intriguing telehorror, buoyed by some interesting visuals (dead Fey hanging upside down from the mast is a chiller).

Both McClure and Novak deliver good performances, the surprise ending is both clever and admirably downbeat.

Lesson learned? When on the ocean, and a lone priest in a floating dinghy is spotted in the distance...simply sail away.

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