15 July 2024
Revenge (1971)
89 min.
Directed by Sidney Hayers.
With Joan Collins, James Booth, Ray Barrett, Tom Marshall, Kenneth Griffith, Donald Morley, Barry Andrews, Sinéad Cusack.
This is a dank little ditty of vigilante justice and victims rights.

After young Jenny Radford is murdered by a child molester, her family kidnaps the accused pedophile and beats the bejeezus out of him...ultimately killing the fiend and hiding his body in the cellar.

But as the frantic clan makes plans for the body's disposal, the man awakens from consciousness. Meanwhile, another suspect is located in the crime against Jenny!


Have the Radford family served up their own brand of justice or merely sowed additional seeds of evil?

Well acted (especially from Collins and Booth as parents - indeed, this is possibly one of Collins' finer hours), with some suspenseful sequences including the nice downcast ending.

Also known as either Inn of the Frightened People or Terror Under the House.

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