18 June 2024
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975)
104 min.
Directed by J. Lee Thompson.
With Michael Sarrazin, Jennifer O'Neill, Margot Kidder, Cornelia Sharpe, Paul Hecht, Tony Stefano, Debralee Scott, Steve Franken.
Eerily moody film starring Michael Sarrazin as Peter Proud, a California university instructor who begins having visions of a man murdered by his own wife.

He's able to trace the nightmares to an actual small town in Massachussetts, where he travels in order to discover more about these hallucinations that have been plaguing him.

There, he discovers the real murderess from his visions, a woman named Marcia (Kidder) and her daughter Ann (O'Neill). But things get even more skewered when Peter falls in love with Ann...and when Marcia realizes just who Peter actually is...

Will Peter be able to extract himself from this mess before more bizarre things begin to happen?

You must suspend disbelief and endure some silly dialogue here, but this film deals with the subject matter much better than the underwhelming Audrey Rose (1977).

And the downbeat ending will leave you unsettled.

From the same director who gave us the stellar 1962 classic Cape Fear.

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