15 July 2024
Q: The Winged Serpent (1982)
93 min.
Directed by Larry Cohen.
With Michael Moriarty, Candy Clark, David Carradine, Richard Roundtree, James Dixon, Malachy McCourt, Fred J. Scollay.
From the director of 1976's quirky horror God Told Me to comes this harmless creature feature with a little flair.

The city of New York is plagued by a rash of gruesome murders. The savage killer remains on the loose...anonymous.

Few will guess the perp is a pterodactyl-like bird that lives atop the famed Chrysler Building and is the reincarnation of a malevolent Aztec god!

("Aztec god"? That's Quetzecoatl to you, bub).

Director Larry Cohen's loopy monster effort deserves some kind of kudos for sheer entertainment value; it's clearly the product of an enthusiasm for fun missing in cinema today.

Also known simply as Q.

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