18 June 2024
PuppetMaster (1989)

90 min.
Directed by David Schmoeller.
With Paul LeMat, Irene Miracle, William Hickey, Jimmie F. Scaggs, Robin Frates, Barbara Crampton.
From David Schmoeller - the director of 1979's superfun Tourist Trap - comes this amusing and playful horror.

A good storyline: a Nazi dollmaker dies...but decades later, his killer creations are brought to life by a group of psychics.

The dolls and special effects by David Allen are the best thing in this. It's hard to care for characters that are indifferently acted by the cast, and yet it's a film that grows on you after repeated viewings.

Owes much to past doll terrors such as Tod Browning's Devil Doll (1936), Alberto Cavalcanti's Dead of Night (1945), and Dan Curtis' Trilogy of Terror (1975).

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