15 July 2024
Psychopath (1973)

85 min.
Directed by Larry Brown.
With Tom Basham, Gretchen Kanne, Gene Carlson, Jackson Bostwick, David Carlile, Barbara Grover, Lance Larsen, Jeff Rice, Margaret Avery.
Some really limp acting, lots of close ups of roving eyeballs, and Basham's unexplained overuse of mascara are just three reasons to catch this low budget psycho thriller from 1973.

Painfully shy and introverted, 'Mr. Rabbey' (Basham) is the adult host of a popular childrens television show.

As such, he gets to witness the daily interaction of kiddies with their parents.

And the truth drives him crazy. Literally.

When he begins to see parents abusing their tots - both physically and verbally - he decides to take matters into his own hands...by offing the mean old moms and dads in gruesome ways!

This well intentioned stab at a 'horror movie with a message' is undone by its ham-fisted approach and underdeveloped characters.

Although the shrill parents are surely beyond redemption, it's never explained why Mr. Rabbey is such a freak - and so the viewer's sympathies (and interest) remain in a kind of neutral limbo.

Drive-in aficionados and low budget nutjobs may have a soft spot for this one, but most will likely find it a yawner.

Also known as An Eye for an Eye.

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