18 June 2024
The Prey (1980)

80 min.
Directed by Edwin Scott Brown.
With Debbie Thureson, Steve Bond, Lori Lethin, Jackie Coogan, Gary Goodrow, Carel Struycken.
This little backwoods slasher number is not without its merits...even if it is indeed pointlessly padded with way too much nature/insect footage.

The formulaic plot: a group of rowdy teens venture into the woods...only to discover a disfigured killer who delights in slicing through them one by one!

But could this psychotic mutha have a different sort of motivation?

Off pacing and draggy editing do little to help The Prey finds its niche. However, to its credit, it works up a few decent gore sequences including a drippy decapitation via axe and a nice death by cliff fall.

Plus, there's a relatively tense and shocking climax.

Recommended mainly for either a) slasher completists or b) fans who enjoy seeing jock musclestud Steve Bond in cut-off shorts and a tight t-shirt.

And really, doesn't that basically cover everyone?

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