21 May 2024
Pretty Poison (1968)

89 min.
Directed by Noel Black.
With Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld, Beverly Garland, John Randolph, Dick O'Neill, Clarice Blackburn, Joseph Bova, Don Fellows, Ken Kercheval.
This offbeat thriller perfectly showcases the talents of Perkins and Weld.

Mentally ill Dennis Pitt (Perkins) is an arsonist just released from rehab. Settling down in a Massachussetts suburb, he meets pretty high school cheerleader Sue Ann Stepanek (Weld) and the two begin a relationship of illusions, lies and deceit.

Their dark fantasies seem to feed each other, growing ever stronger with each day. But when it turns to murder, who will prove to be the craziest?

And who's capable of love?

This effective psychological thriller is an interesting timepiece of the late '60s, with Perkins in strong, lithe form as the self-tormented soul subtly manipulated by Weld's deadly machinations.

With a nicely appropriate downbeat finale.

Also known as She Let Him Continue.

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