18 June 2024
Planet of Blood (1966)
76 min.
Directed by Curtis Harrington.
With John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Judi Meredith, Dennis Hopper, Florence Marly, Robert Boon, Don Eitner.
Cool sci fi horror from director Curtis Harrington.

An alien presence makes contact with Earth via strange radio transmissions.

A signal of an impending visit?

But after the unidentified species crash lands on Mars, a group of astronauts initiate a rescue mission in hopes of a rendezvous with our first interstellar visitor.

Little does the crew suspect their guest is an icy vampire queen (Marly) who thrives on human blood...and she's got her own longterm survival plan in mind.

Late nite terror is a great bag of fun thanks to a creepy performance from Marly as the green skinned Queen and some interesting '60s space designs.

Best scene: Meredith discovers her handsome boyfriend Allan (Saxon) unconscious...with the bloodsucking queen voraciously suckin' on loverboy's wrists!

Lesson here: don't make eye contact with aliens who smile seductively and have glowing eyes.

Also known as Queen of Blood.

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