30 May 2024
PIN (1988)
102 min.
Directed by Sandor Stern.
With David Hewlett, Cynthia Preston, Terry O'Quinn, John Ferguson, Helene Udy, Patricia Collins.
Intriguing psychological horror film with an offbeat premise.

In addition to using it as an instruction aid for his medical patients, a doctor (O'Quinn) uses an anatomical, lifesized doll (called "PIN," short for Pinocchio) to teach his son Leon (Hewlett) & daughter Ursula (Preston) the lessons of life.

But when their father and mother die in a tragic car accident, the kids are devastated. And it soon becomes clear that Leon has become altogether dependent on the doll for complete life guidance...

Giving the doll his own personality, Leon teams up with PIN in an effort to control his poor sister Ursula. Surely, PIN would do anything to ensure the girl makes all the right dating choices.

Even if it requires murder.

This successful psychological character study packs an overall emotional wallop, thanks to a nice slow pace, good performances (most notably Hewlett as the troubled youth and Preston as his sister) and a thoughtful script.

Also known as PIN: A Plastic Nightmare.

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