20 April 2024
Pieces (1981)
85 min.
Directed by Juan Piquer Simon.
With Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Edmund Purdom, Paul L. Smith, Ian Sera, Jack Taylor, Frank Brana, Gérard Tichy, May Heatherly, Hilda Fuchs.
The title of this one is literal, aren't you pleased?

A madman is killing women and cutting them up, piece by piece, in order to assemble his own perfect corpse...like a jigsaw puzzle. "Pieces," now, get it?

Looking for fresh new meat, the psycho has set his sights on the nubile young ladies at a local Boston college.

Gruff police detective Bracken (George) assigns lovely agent Mary Riggs (Day George) to the case, and she goes undercover as a tennis instructor in order to unmask the nutcase.

Could the fedora-wearing, glove-fisted killer be one of the school's professors (Taylor)? Or the school's dean (Purdom)?

Sick, sleazy, demented and twisted...this is one of our guiltiest of guilty pleasures!

Gritty and gory, and underscored by a nearly incomprehensible plotline, the oft-maligned Pieces isn't for all tastes. But in the right mood it can be deliriously fun.

(Note: we grew up watching the Georges on various TV fare, such as The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. At the time we had NO IDEA they were making these kinds of films!)

Spanish: A Mil Gritos en la Noche.

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